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Blog Post- Brandt Dirmeyer
Brandt Dirmeyer, Chesapeake Bay Trust Conservation Corps Member
December 21, 2016
The evening of December 5th, as I was mindlessly scrolling Facebook for its algorithm to suggest an article worth reading, I received a notification of a post by Carolyn Black in the Chesapeake Conservation Corps group. Acknowledging that it was last second, she inquired if any of us would be interested in attending a presentation on American Indians in the Chesapeake Bay. Five of us responded and seven corps members showed up the following morning for an engaging and informative presentation by Deanna Beacham.

Blog Post- Brand Dirmeyer
Brandt Dirmeyer, Chesapeake Bay Trust Conservation Corps Member
December 12, 2016
In this blog post, I reflect on my experience at the Pesticides and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Conference tenth annual meeting. I learned quite a lot about the effects of pesticides and sustainable initiatives from presentations by Robert Lawrence, M.D., Vicki Blazer, PhD, Alexandra DySard, and Hartmut Doebel, PhD. It was a day that I will always cherish, and a day worth your read!

December 3, 2016
The Patapsco Heritage Greenway is asked regularly to speak about the recent devastating flood. At these talks, we receive many questions about what happened that night and although the answers are still being pieced together, we thought we'd begin the story by creating a timeline. This evolving timeline of the 2016 Ellicott City Flood is an attempt to provide the sequence of events that occurred on July 30, 2016. It includes multiple links to other references. Please feel free to send edits or corrections to and we will continue to update and revise to create an accurate record.
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